XPULSE® is a novel bioinsecticide (patent pending) developed by LAM International. The product is based on the Beauveria bassiana GHA strain and cold pressed Neem extract, formulated together in an emulsifiable dispersable oil (OD) for the latest generation of biorationals for insect pest control.

Laboratory bioassays and field applications have demonstrated that the interaction between the GHA strain and cold pressed Neem extract is synergistic, providing  multiple modes of action and reproducible field results. This makes XPULSE® a new tool suitable for application in integrated pest control strategies, such as: whiteflies, aphids, thrips, mites, psyllids, mealybugs, soft scales, leafhoppers and plant hoppers, weevils, plant bugs, borers, leaf-feeding insects, scarab, leaf-feeding beetles, and many others.

Cold pressed Neem extract has demonstrated properties as an insect repellent, insect growth regulator, and insecticide. It is a mixture of several C26 terpenoids that are naturally occurring organic compounds composed of a five-carbon skeleton (simple terpenoids) or complex terpenoids with structures that possess between 20 and 40 carbon atoms. Azadirachtin, the most common terpenoid in cold pressed Neem extract and the most thoroughly characterized.

XPULSE® does not require additional coadjuvants and its formulation protects the active ingredients from adverse conditions such as pH 2-13 and hard waters of <150 ppm and can be stored at a temperature of 80°F (27°C).