Pure Pyrethrum power for conventional growers

LYNX® all-natural crop protection was designed for growers looking to satisfy the rising demand for “clean label” produce. It delivers fast pest insect knockdown and confident kill without the hassle of pH buffering. This broad-spectrum insecticide combines a proven active ingredient with a unique formulation and innovative delivery system for an selective stand-alone solution or compatible tank mix.

LYNX® unique formulation sticks to insects and doesn’t wash off. More contact means a confident kill. When applied as directed, LYNX® is highly effective and approved for more than 200 fruit and vegetable crops with no pre-harvest interval.

Works FAST

• Delivers quick knockdown and kill


• No pre-harvest interval
• No restrictions on the number of applications you can make per year
• Can be sprayed at any season of the year
• May be used on all growing crops
• Kills a broad spectrum of insects
• Kills larval, pupae and adult stages of insects