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MycoSTAR® prevents and controls the colonization of harmful plant pathogens and produces its beneficial effects in several ways: 1. Removal of pathogen binding sites by covering root surfaces; 2. Growth Promoter/Enhancer by allowing beneficial nitrogen- and phosphorous-fixing bacteria to reproduce freely and by decomposing organic matter, more nutrients are absorbed by the increased plant’s root system; 3. Production of inhibitory organic acids, enzymes and other compounds that inhibit growth of harmful fungi; and 4. By infecting and killing the pathogenic fungi.

MycoSTAR® contains a biotype of Trichoderma viride proprietary strain T111, selected for its enhanced biocontrol capabilities against plant pathogenic fungi, such as: Fusarium oxysporum f.sp.lycopersici, F. o. f.sp. cubense, F. o. f.sp. dianthi, Rhizoctonia solani, Sclerotium rolfsii, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, Pythium ultimum, Phytophthora infestans and P. nicotianae.

MycoSTAR® contains 2 x 10¹¹ total spores per pound (4 x 108 spores per gram) with over 85% viability to rapidly establish in 24 hours and provide stable long lasting effects, thereby reducing fungicide applications. Typical dose rates are 250 grams per 100 liters of water. MycoSTAR® does not require additional coadyuvants and does not require refrigeration; can be stored up to a temperature of 60°F (15°C) with a one year shelf life stability.